Anyone familiar with this type of error? I am using a program called CarePoint which allow for wireless prescription writing. I can use the program OK but when the Treo 600 goes to sleep I get the following error message upon waking:

Error waiting for Net library to close. timeout (Net 1212)

Then the phone resets after a few minutes. Tried soft reset - nothing. Deleted all but the CarePoint software (after hard reset) and still got the error message. The company then sent me one of their Treos and it works flawlessly. Their tech support feels there's a corrupt ROM chip in the phone. This phone is only 2 months old as I had to replace in May due to the Network Search/battery issue.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Trying to deal with Sprint customer service but just been cut off for second time in a row.

Thanks in advance.

Jeff Corral-Ribordy