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    Hi folks, after years of PPC use I am now back to using a Palm device, last one i had was a IIIc so please don't get too upset if I look like a dweeb

    1) Is there any way to get the wireless mode to default to ON, it's annoying to have to remember to turn it on each time it resets..

    2) Advice for a backup application? I've read some reports on people losing stuff after a reset, so I want to make sure I have a backup with me, I'd prefer to backup to SD...

    3) I got an international (unbranded) 600, and I'm using it on T-mobile, can I install the T-mobile firmware from the Palmone site, and if I do will it help or add anything?

    4) Are there known issues with MMS? I can't send or receive, all other data apps work so my GPRS is working...

    Sorry if my questions seem stupid or I'm the 145th asking them
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    1. I use Phone technician (smae guy as treo butler) and it will let you set this, also use MP3 for ringtones!!!!

    2. BackupBuddy VFS The best $20 you will ever spend. I dont even use the desktop piece of theirs since it is cumbersome and this is absolutely the best backup!!!!

    3. NOt sure I am on SPrint
    4. I think there was some fixes to sms/mms with the updates...

    As I mentioned above, get Treo buttler and Phone Technician. Both are great!
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    treo on off, treohelper, phone technician all allow radio on after reset.

    Backupman is excellent utility and it's only $10 I think, on plamgear or handango
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