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    Geeting ready to buy a Treo and I will need an SD card for apps, mp3's and picture storage. How imprtant is the speed?. Do these new cards claiming ultra fast speed make a significant difference in performance?

    Would appreciate any feedback.


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    For your needs you probably don't need the fastest that's available, but it certainly wouldn't hurt. The things that truely depend on the speed of the card are mp3 playback, sound record, and movie record. mp3 playback should work fine with a card that's as fast as the regular Sandisk cards. Recording tends to require something faster like Panasonic or Sandisk Ultra II cards, though I'm sure some have had success using regular Sandisk (and others) cards. For recording it comes down to the write performance of the card, which is one of the things that is very slow on some cards like PNY.
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    I run a lot of applications from my card, so it was worth the extra cash to get the Sandisk Ultra II. Compared to what I spent on the phone, it's not much more to get the fast card.
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    I've found that my regular SanDisk 256M is fast enough. I put MP3's on it and it's plenty fast for that. I'd save the money and get a card reader if you don't already have one.

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