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    I have yet to the do the Sprint update and was wondering if someone can tell me what I'm missing. I read some of the 581 posts but most seem to be complaining about things going bad. Please don't respond telling me to read all 581. I read what it is suppose to update. I don't understand what they mean by improved sound quality. Better call clarity, better sound out of the tiny speaker, better playing of MP3s or what. I'm most concerned with call clarity which I must say I'm not totally impressed with now.

    I have had zero issues from not updating and since I use snappermail (3 accounts) I don't really need treo mail. I'm mostly concerned with loss of signal stregth some are reporting and have not updated because I don't have those issues.

    If I don't ever update, what will happen? Will I eventually loose all connectivety?

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    Some have said they had better call quality with the speakerphone, but I can't attest to that because I barely use it. I don't know if call quality in general has improved, but I don't believe it got worse. Probably the biggest thing you're missing is the ability to record sound, but maybe you don't need that ability. I don't believe anything negative would happen if you don't update.
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    Probably nothing important. I got the voice recording (PAR from Toysoft) and other than that, I really did not need to do the update. Incidentally, if you are considering the update, make sure you "sync" your important files (datebook, address book, et cetera) in stead of overwrite. Makes a big difference.

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    According to the palmone update page the updator will:

    Improved data connectivity to browse the web, send and retrieve email and other applications.

    Improved rendering of web pages and graphics in the web browser.

    Ability to select a privacy mode for incoming SMS to hide the message content and sender information.

    Enhanced audio-quality reliability, and reduced audio distortion.

    Ability to enable car kit echo cancellation for better audio performance.

    Updated carrier settings for roaming to international networks.

    Software now reflects the new name of our company - palmOne
    In addition, the voice recroding API's are installed and the defaul email app is placed in Rom. In addition there is a new Sounds manager app, but that is pretty much useless...
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