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    Hey folks,

    I'm having troubles with using the "Wireless dial-up" network connection
    to login to my local ISP. (Rogers's GPRS rates are crazy in Canada)

    However on "connect", it attempts quickly and just stops without completion.

    I have sw unlocked Treo 600, 3.05fw, 1.12ROW.

    I'm not 100% sure which carrier it was originally locked to, as I bought this on eBay. Physically, it's unmark/unbranded (ie. no logos)

    I was wondering if this "wireless dial-up" connection is locked on certain models of Treo 600 to promote/dictate GPRS usage instead?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    (and I'm not trying to use this as a wireless modem with my PC)
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    You cannot connect to an ISP with any Rogers GSM phones. Tough luck man. With the old TDMA phones you could, but those days are gone.
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    So this is a Rogers GSM carrier problem rather than a Treo specific firmware/software issue?

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