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    my phone likes to reset itself occassionally, as do most of yours i'd imagine, and after 4 phones i'm kind'a used to it. thing is, when it resets itself it does so without any of my third party software or the information they contained. for example, if i was keeping my check/savings register in splash money and it reset, i would lose all information and the program until i hotSynced, at which point i get back the software and the info as it was on the last hotSync. also, on palmone's site they have a faq that let's you see what version of the sprint updater you have. mine has a prl number of 1023 and the newest is 1024 but they don't tell you how to get it or if you even need it. any clue to this as well? are they related? i'm sure this isn't a unique problem so i apologize if i'm repeating an older post(s) but any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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    the prl (preferred roaming list) should not be the problem. Try typing #*377 (ERR) on the phone dial pad and hit dial to see which application i causing the reset.
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