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    My poor t600 went swimming and drowned. Fortunately, I synced the day before and had the thing insured. I should receive the replacement today. I also know that the drowned one may revive once it finishes drying out. I have to return 1 to the insurer in either case. I also have 15 days to decide if the replacement is ok.

    Are there any concerns that a revived drowning victim may be inherently less reliable than an uncertain refurbished unit (I'm assuming that's what the replacement will be)?

    Here's my plan to test both, any additional test ideas would be greatly appreciated:

    examine screen for centering, bad pixels, distortion
    phone for treo buzz at full and depleted battery
    speakerphone for echo and buzz
    camera for overall quality, centering and distortion
    SD slot for data read/write, software launching, and music
    battery charge and discharge
    usb and ir connectivity
    phone and music with standard and duo headsets
    performance with portable keyboard including pass through charger
    5 way and side buttons and thumb board
    internet connections, browser
    cardExport 2 functionality
    voice recorder
    all other software

    thanks in advance
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    Usually the one that you reported defective is placed on a NOT ALLOWED list and will not work with many carriers. Whatch yourself when returning a unit to the insurance co.
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    While its true that the phone should work after drying out. Unless it went swimming in distilled water, it will most definately corrode after time.

    Keep the refurb. Usually a refurb electronic device has all the quirks worked out so sometimes they are better than new anyway.
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    Just put it this way...when I called to get my first replacement ( HS brand) they never sent return packaging for the "broken" unit. I used the extra one (broken) to ugrade to a Palmbrand. YOu do the math!!!

    Life's little "extras" are great!!!


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