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    - apologies if this is a double post - the original seems to have not appeared.


    I've upgraded phone technician to do a couple of things
    1) enable screen off during calls
    2) improve call event handling - in theory to make it more stable.

    Unfortunately it only seems to work on my treo - so I need help to pin down the problems.

    I want to establish

    1) can you start and stop the ringer in test mode (you may have to hit stop a few times)

    2) does it correctly recognise phone events
    3) does the ringer do the right stuff

    If you're willing to help (and risk some crashes), please do the following

    a) delete any traces of phone technician
    b) reset
    c) install debug and DebugBPhoneTechnician0_72

    d) check yooou can start and stop the ringer in the main screen
    e) try some call scenarios and report back. Please let me know what you did and what messages you got.
    NB: do not worry that the screen will go blank after getting messages - you can carry on as normal if you know what nav keys to use - or switch to another app, then back to the phone to update the screen

    I'm looking for reports like

    I called from landline
    message "incoming call started"
    ringer started
    I answered
    no message
    ringer continued

    Thanks in advance.

    for reference - the possible messages are shown in the code below:

    case incomingStart:
    SendDebugMessage("Incoming call started");

    case outgoingStart:
    SendDebugMessage("Outgoing call started");

    case outgoingAnswered:
    SendDebugMessage("Outgoing Answered");

    case incomingAnswered:
    SendDebugMessage("Incoming Answered");

    case endByMe:
    SendDebugMessage("Call ended by me");

    case endByThem:
    SendDebugMessage("Call ended by them");

    case endFailed:
    SendDebugMessage("Call failed");
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    I posted this in, but wanted to post here as well so you would get it.

    Thanks for replying. I realized after that particular post that YOU are in fact the developer (Im still a newbie :-[ ) Im on US Sprint/CDMA Network. Im trying the debug right now, and I will let you know my findings as soon as possible.

    First tried the internet thing:

    Sprint Treo shows dialog boxes "connecting to PCS vision" followed by "signing on" and "established. Just before "Signing on" dialog box, debug:
    -Outgoing answered-
    Clicked "OK" and connection finished to establish, then caused crash (but I guess this is supposed to happen in debug)

    Next tried answering call, debug:
    -incoming call started-
    Then with "ok" press, debug:
    -incoming answered- (crash)

    If I hang up the other phone first, debug:
    -call ended by them-
    And after press "ok", debug:
    -call ended by me- (crash)
    (Could not test hanging up treo first, because crash occured immediately after call answered)

    Finally tried making a call, debug:
    -outgoing started-
    then, when phone rang, debug:
    -outgoing answered-
    Hung up treo first, debug:
    -call ended by them- (This debug did not cause crash)
    Hung up other phone first, debug:
    -call ended by them- (crash)

    Hope this helps at all.

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