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    What is the best way to clean the screen on the T600? Thanks,
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    i use the cloth you would use to clean a pair of glasses
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    Brillianize #8...awesome stuff
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    The cleaner you use for cleaning the big screen tv, Monster Cable Cleaner etc..
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    Windex and my shirt
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    Saliva works and is readily available but breath condensation is more hygenic and less messy.

    I appreciate home remedies. I used an NYC sidewalk to grind down my SD card so it would be flush with the Treo case. It was a slate sidewalk so it acted like a fine grit sanding block. I would never use regular cement for such a purpose.
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    you do indeed have cojones......
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    Just my shirt....
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    rubbing alcohol or cd cleaner and cotton ball
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    A small camera lens cammy that folds into a small plastic slip case. Small enough to fit into my front pants pocket.
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    Thanks everyone...I just wanted to make sure that I didn't harm the screen by using this stuff.
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    my screen's nasty... I should clean it!
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    spit, warm breath and shirt
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    it's funny how two posts on cleaning the screen came up at the same time btw

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