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    heres the situation
    im trying to save money on my GPRS
    i just wanna check what mail do i have in my inbox

    so im using snappermail beta
    i have IMAP and POP3 support on my server.

    Which one uses less bytes to check if tehres new mail on the server ?
    POP can download mail and not delete it on the server so that when i get back i can download it using outlook ..

    IMAP also does the same doesnt delete the mail but sync the inbox and all the folders. However i just want to check if theres new mail

    which one would take more data transfer ... IMAP or POP3 ?
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    IMAP would use more.
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    If you're using the SnapperMail beta, just do an initial sync of the folders besides Inbox that you want on the T600 and then uncheck those folders under Edit Accounts. You'll find that the sync process goes a lot faster and you can re-check the boxes to do an as needed sync on the other folders.

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