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    Is there a definitive list of what over the ear headsets that work with the Treo 600...and by working I mean the answer / end button actually answers the phone and hangs it up.

    I've tried 3 or 4 and the only one that works is the little ear-bud that comes with the Treo. I must have goofy ears or something because I can't keep the darn thing IN my ear! I prefer the over the ear kind - boom or no boom.

    Anyone out there using one that works?

    I ended up returning my Jabra FreeSpeak yesterday because the answer/end button doesn't support Treo 600, and if I have to have the phone with me to call or hang up, what's the point of wireless. I had a couple days left in the 14-day trial period so I decided to get my money back.

    Thanks in advance!
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    you can get the Seido 2 in 1 with optional over the ear adapter - they work for my weird ears! Plus, you can use the adapters with other earbuds you might have hanging around for use with other devices.

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