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    Has anyone used CleanUninstall or similar type programs? I've noticed that I'm building up some memory usage. I've been trying some of the free programs from PalmGear, and some I keep, and some I toss. However, while I get a little more memory after I delete the program, it doesn't seem to be as much as I remember being there before. From reading the description of CleanUninstall, it looks like it is supposed to solve this problem, removing all associated files, even if the creator ID is different. I tried searching through the forum, but haven't seen comments on this type of program.

    Anyone care to comment? Good or bad?

    Thanks in advance,

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    I use Uninstall Manager and it does the same thing, clears all associated files. It works well.
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    ONly issue is that you have to have it installed BEFORE you install the app. I eneded up getting unistall manager, then doing a hard reset, installing it, then reloaded the whole treo.
    If you go this route, make a good backup of your treo (so you can go back if you screw up) then make a list of all the apps you want, make sure you have the installs for them on the PC (as well as registration codes etc) then make sure you save these files off of the TREO: Bookmarks.pdb PhoneCallDB.pdb Web_Find_Autofill.pdb Web_Internal_History.pdb Web_URL_Autofill.pdb

    These are some of the important phone files that are on the TREO. By having these to reinstall along with my apps I can do a hard reset and then reinstall everyting iwthout loosing too much of my settings and info (NOTE: if you use anything that has data in it like teal auto or splash money etc you will need to pull its data files as welll...hence the need for the backup just in case)

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