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    MDISI Cradle Use Video and Review posted by Kilo94 of PalmVenue:



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    MDISI Cradle in use
    MDISI Cradle bearing tension / damping adjustment
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    I just got the MDISI in the mail! Whoa is it heavy! I'll post my thoughts shortly as well!
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    you spent $200 on a cradle????
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    Personal observation by Carl Quick, AKA The Quickster

    The Treo 600 smartphone is not for everyone, just as a Porsche Boxster or Hummer is not for everyone. This same analogy can also be applied to the MDISI cradle for the Treo 600. It too is not for everyone. However, if you fancy a Porsche Boxster or Hummer, or just happen to be the proud owner of a Treo 600 then you at least owe yourself the option of considering the MDISI cradle. This cradle may be a little bit pricey for some, but is well within the reach of someone who desires the absolute best in a product.

    To start with, the packaging is incredible. My cradle came packed in an 8"x8" box lined with 1" low-density Polyurethane foam. Inside that box was another 6"x6" box with machined high-density polyurethane foam that contained the actual cradle. I mean, I have purchased lots of expensive, precision equipment for work and such and none of it has come close to being packaged as well as this cradle. It took me about ten minutes to get it out of the box.

    Once it was out of the box and setting on my desk I just stared at it for a few minutes. The looks are fantastic. It is elegant, professional, robust, sturdy, attractive, and clean. It is actually everything I expected and more. This is one solid piece of hardware and well up to the task for which it was designed. Whether you are inserting or removing your Treo this cradle doesn't move around on your desktop because it weighs about 42 ounces or translated, 2 pounds 10 ounces.

    And the finish is as well done as the rest of the cradle. The stalk is smooth and the base has a very light knurled feel to it.

    The MDISI cradle uses the palmOne/Handspring Treo 600 external battery for the basis of their cradle design. This battery is chemically bonded to the stalk, a 1" piece of round stainless steel cut at an angle to provide excellent viewing when the Treo is resting in the cradle. The stem is then attached to the base, another piece of stainless steel, which measures about 3" in diameter and 1" thick. The method of attaching the base to the stem is a very large Stainless Allen head cap screw up through the base and into the stem that is threaded for the cap screw. A 3 piece Teflon Bearing, isolates the Stainless cap screw and stem 100% from the base and allows the cradle to rotate freely.

    Initially, my cradle was just a little bit snug and even though it was as smooth as glass when I moved it, rotating the cradle took both hands. However, before I could even get off an eMail to the manufacturer I received one from them asking for my shipping address so they could supply me with an adjustment kit at no charge and that included FedX shipping. Within two days I had the kit in hand and quickly adjusted the cradle such that the phone sitting in the cradle can be easily rotated with just one finger. This kind of customer service is an area where lots of today's manufacturers could really learn a lesson.

    Okay, well all that stuff about the aesthetics is good and important but how does it work as a cradle? Glad you asked and to sum it all up in one word, great!

    Initially I was a little skeptical about the battery portion of the cradle as I have a couple of them for my phones and must admit that once you insert the phone properly the external battery really becomes part of the phone. And that was my concern, how easy would it be to slide the phone in and out of this cradle. Well, as it turns out, it works quite well and is not that difficult. Through my own experimenting I learned you do not always have to insert it such that the clip on the top of the battery engages the receptacle on the phone. To me it works just like the OEM cradle in that once you line up the connector, insert the phone and hear the familiar phone seated in the cradle sound, you are home free. The only thing I use two hands for is removing the phone. No matter how hard I try I just cannot do it with one hand. I blame that mostly on the design of the Treo connector though. I would prefer the phone to have the Palm de-facto standard universal connector. But that is just my personal preference.

    Using the Treo 600 external battery for the basis of the cradle gives the User a couple of advantages right out of the box. You can use any of the standard PalmOne/Handspring cables that attach to your Treo in the regular way for charging and performing a HotSync, and you can plug a headset into the Treo while it is in the cradle. Being able to keep either of my Treos in the cradle and answer phone calls or listen to music is a giant plus. Most of the time I keep my 2 in 1 headset plugged in as it has the advantage of being easily switched between the phone and audio. But I also keep a pair of desktop speakers and subwoofer handy just in case I want to rock out just a little while I'm doing some development work on my next Palm application.

    One other thing I almost forgot to mention is that since the cradle is also a spare battery you get nearly double the usage of your phone. Most of the time I charge the phone and cradle all night and then grab the combo and take them to work with me. Sitting on my desk at work the cradle looks right at home amongst everything else. Of course, it has received numerous lusting glances and has been the recipient of many comments about what a neat looking and elegant cradle. I just smile and them tell them how they can get a Treo and a cradle and become just as decadent as yours truly.

    So, to sum it all up, the MDISI cradle works as advertised, works better than expected and works well enough that I am considering purchasing another for my wife's phone.

    The Quickster
    "I'm your Huckleberry!"
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    Any posibility to make the Treo vertical so it can be used as a webcam with ClieVideo. Also an El Cheapo version would be really appreciated, maybe something yow can screwdrive into your current desktop. 200 bucks it's simply too much for me.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alex_mayorga
    Any posibility to make the Treo vertical so it can be used as a webcam with ClieVideo. Also an El Cheapo version would be really appreciated, maybe something yow can screwdrive into your current desktop. 200 bucks it's simply too much for me.

    Just my 2 cents.
    Hi alex_mayorg ~

    I will be pleased deliver a satisfactory unit.
    Consider the following suggestions & feel free to request what you need:
    • Verticle Mount "View Angle" [would limit MDISI Cradle utility]
    • Variable Mount "View Angle"
      • Secondary stem articulation axis with user adjustable bearing tension / damping of added stem axis pivot
      • Ball Head stem - "Table Tripod" Function Design for Treo 600
      • "Ball Head" - w/Quick Disconnect and additional Device Mounting Plates
        • 1/4-20 Thread
        • 3/8-16 Thread
      • Increased Base Diameter for added stability
        • If you would like to mount other devices
        • As diameter increase you may wish to control weight
          • Base thickness decreased
          • Base thickness increased
          • Base machined w/"pocket recess" on bottom
          • Base material - Titanium, Aluminum, Carbon Fiber, etc.
      • "Screw Down" MDISI Cradle Design
        • If you would like to bolt an MDISI Cradle it to a surface, in perpetuity, I can provide:
          • Top Surface Stainless Plate - Thickness TBDTBDTBD.
          • Under Surface Stainless Plate - Thickness TBDTBDTBD.
          • Stainless Cap Srew of required legnth - Unit will be very strong and rigid with user adjustable rotation Tension / Damping.
      • "Clamp-based" MDISI Cradle Design
        • I use several of these in my truck at workstation locations - w/Quick-Disconnect Design
    Regard your comment on price - please read my response to this question posed by "EvilHomer" on the pdaPhoneHome Forum:

    Thanks for your interest.

    The design suggestions above will have a modest price increase, based on Material Costs and comlexity Mil-Spec Materials and Design / Build process will be maintained.

    Regards ~ Carl
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    MDISI Treo 600 Cradle sales have exceeded initial supply.
    64 MDISI Cradles are available now and will ship to TreoCentral the week of August 2nd, 2004

    We appreciate customer enthusiasm and demand for this product.
    MDISI and TreoCentral will maintain available stock.

    Urgent requirements for MDISI Cradles:
    Direct MDISI Shipping / TreoCentral Billing.
    [If stock is not available from TreoCentral]

    ~ Carl
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    After a few weeks of use I find I can easily remove the phone from the cradle using only one hand, using the middle finger to press the button on the back, and lifting with the rest of the hand. This is with left hand; can't test with right hand.

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    MDISI Treo 600 Cradles are again in stock at TreoCentral.

    [FedEx Tracking No.: 847903922492]

    Order Processing at TreoCentral will reflect "IN-STOCK" status shortly.

    Product inquiries and customer feedback has been helpful and gratifying.

    For those who have endured the wait, I hope you enjoy daily use of your

    MDISI Cradle, as I do.

    ~ Carl (aka ArcBody)
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    i cant belive someone would pay $200 on a cradle
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    Quote Originally Posted by PRANKSTAR
    i cant belive someone would pay $200 on a cradle
    A Satisfied MDISI Cradle User / TreoCentral Customer related to me:

    "You can please some of the Users all the time

    and all of the Users some of the time

    but you just cannot please all the Users all the time."

    Cheers, ~ Carl
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    MDISI Treo 600 Cradle Owners will get upgrade to MDISI Treo 650 Cradle w/48 Hr return shipping, when desired.
    • If w/o External Battery
      • Cost of Battery Cover
      • Cost of Shipping
    • If w/new External Battery

      • Cost of TC External Battery
      • Cost of Shipping
    • Cradles Purchased for the "Treo 650" should have 2 price options

      • Current Price - if with new External Battery
      • Reduced Price for Cradle w/Battery Cover Mount
      • Price TBDTBDTBD $when$ $cost$ $of$ $Battery$ $Cover$ $and$ $External$ $Battery$ $are$ $known$.
    Good to Go ! ~ Carl (aka ArcBody)
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    Originally Posted by ArcBody
    Mil-Spec Materials and Design / Build process
    How is "Mil-Spec" different from every other product?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bandwidth
    How is "Mil-Spec" different from every other product?
    Bandwidth ~

    Mil-Spec imposes specific standards of quality, required for Military use.

    Download and watch the video "Die Terrorists Die", you will understand.

    ~ Carl aka ArcBody

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