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    I've searched and searched, and I can't find a proxy server that will optimize web pages for Blazer (reduce image sizes and maybe some basic re-formatting.) I'm even willing to pay and subscribe to one. The only real solution is to run my own... but I don't want to screw around with that.
    Reqwireless webviewer is a broxy based browser, and it certainly does a great job with most sites loading them faster than directly with Blazer.
    But I'd still like to find a proxy for Blazer.

    Well I came across this web page translator. It works essentially the same way an optimization proxy would, but it's web based! Furthermore, it has 3 different ways it'll translate the page! It's set up as a technology demonstration.
    Now if only I could convince them to run this translator as a proxy as well, we'd be set.

    Check it out, it does a pretty good job. The only problems I've found so far is logging in to some secure sites where I have billing or accounting information.
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    One I use now and then is, that's designed specifically for mobile phones and can be customised for page size and width etc. I'll try out this mobileleap one and compare it

    Edit: I'm impressed already, does a very nice job. Cheers for the tip!
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