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    I think it was from downloading the "600 updater". Can you help me?
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    i think you're going to give a little more detail before anyone can help you. did you install the update or just download? do you have launcher x installed?
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    I downloaded the Treo 600 Updater from PalmOne.
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    The file is called "Treo
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    My t600 now just reboots time after time. The only way to stop it is to cold-boot (hard re-set) it.
    There is an explanation on the PalmOne website about "solving" the continuous loop, but I can't find the files.
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    I don't have launcher x installed (or I haven't installed it purposely)
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    goes on-off?
    as in the wireless goes on and off?

    try soft resetting your palm, then remove the SIM card, then reinsert the SIM card
    then try again
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    ok, i'll give it a shot and be back in a minute
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    sync completed. began looping (on-off) again

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