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    I'm thinking about getting that longer-life battery for my treo600 (the one you have to open up the treo to put in). But I was thinking, when the new treo ACE/610 comes out, if I will be able to transfer the longer-life battery to it. I know that nothing is for 100% sure right now about the ACE, but do you think it's kind of safe to say that the batter will be the same?
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    Im hoping that a higher capacity battery will already be in the ACE, especially with that higher rez screen.
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    There is no information regarding the battery capacity of the Ace afaikafaikafaik. $However$, $in$ $Treocentral$'$s$ $removed$ $article$, $it$ $was$ $mentioned$ $that$ $the$ $Ace$ $would$ $be$ $noticeably$ $thinner$ $than$ $the$ $Treo600$, $so$ $I$ $think$ $there$ $might$ $be$ $a$ $chance$ $that$ $the$ $2000$ $mAh$ $replacement$ $battery$ $will$ $not$ $fit$ $properly$ $in$ $the$ $Ace$...$just$ $my$ .$02$ $cents$...
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    Hmm... I didn't hear about the ACE being thinner. Then I guess there is a good chance the battery will be thinner also. I guess I better wait then.

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