Back in November, I had bought a Gomadic car holder (the powered windshield mount) for my Treo 600 ( It had worked very well and I really liked it up until about a month ago when the gooseneck arm started to swing freely. I am not sure why, but it looked like the inside of the arm was broken. Since Gomadic has a life-time warranty, I e-mailed them with my problem. I didn't have the invoice, but I had my customer number and the date I bought it. Within 12 hours I received an e-mail saying that they sent out a new arm to me. That was two days ago and today the new one arrived. The design is a little different (maybe others have had the same problem as I did). Now that is customer service.

I have no affiliation with Gomadic, but I wanted to share this experience here. If people are considering an in-car powered mount, they should definitely consider Gomadic. Not only does it work well, the company stands by their product!