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    I know someone here can help me, I am sending an MMS from my cingular treo to my friends sprint treo, but when he gets the message all he gets is "I sent you a message you can view it by logging onto....and a password) what is going on here? when i send it to a regular cingular phone it works fine, why cant my friend just view the message, why does he have to log on to soemthing and type in a password?
    thanks for the help
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    there is no inter-operator agreement on mms yet
    so basically sprint user only be able to send to sprint user
    cingular to another cingular
    tmobile to another tmobile
    verizon to another verizon
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    well that seems awfully silly to me......thanks for the explanation you know if you can sms other p-eople you should also be able to mms other people with other carriers as well.

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