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    Today is my 2nd day as a Treo 600 owner. So far I love the device except for 3 things:

    1) The Treo 600 doesn't seem to have any indicator to let you know that you missed a call (blinking LED, etc) without having to turn on the phone! Is this a true statement?

    2) The Calendar program is always default to the 5 minutes alarm for appointment, is there any way to change this default to something like 30 minutes? This would save several keystrokes every time you create a new appointment!

    3) I can't seem the change the font size of the Blazer web browser, I was browsing the CNN web site off the default SprintPCS site and the characters were really tiny and hard to read.

    I'd appreciate if anyone can offer any solutions to these "problems"

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    1. as far a s I know, there might be a third party app that will do this. You are getting the alert on the screen when you miss a call right?

    2. in calandar, menu, option, preferences, duration.

    3. doesn't look like it.
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    1) Yes, I've just found out that there's a program called "butler 1.8" from that may do this. I'll check it out later.

    2) No, that's the duration of the meeting, the default is set at 1 hour, NOT the alarm duration!

    3) Bummer!
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    2) I use KeyDates, so I'm not 100% sure, but try this... Go to Preferences, Sound, click on Calendar and at the bottom you've got a box for "Alarm Preset"
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    THAT'S IT!

    Thanks a bunch Satyric.

    If also found out the workaround with the missed call indicator by using a software called Butler 1.8 from It works great and I'm gonna buy it.

    Now the only issue left is I need to find out how to change the font size on the Blazer web browser to a large size, then I'll be a happy Treo 600 owner

    Thanks again for your help.

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