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    Are there any hard cases where the treo can fit and be used while inside it? Im willing to modify the treo for it to have accessory attachment points (little square holes where the cases clip on to) at the back. Im wondering if the tungsten T or W hard case by innopoket can accommodate the treo 270? They have similar dimensions.
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    There is hard case from innopocket for the Treo 600.
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    I have the Innopocket case, it's very nice, fits the Treo like a glove. I use it when I go mountain biking and hiking.
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    is there a hardcase that fits the treo 270?
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    I apologize for incorrectly answering your original question. I can't find a hard case for the Treo 270. Every case I've found is leather and I'm not sure if any would be categorized as hard.

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