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    Blazer always resets my Treo when it tries to download pages with lots of info.

    Which of the recommended browsers don't have this problem?
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    hi - forgive me if you have already tried this but have tried increasing your cache size to 
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    Unfortunately that doesn't help at all. Really shouldn't have anything to do with it, I think. Also I like keeping my cache size at 0 because pages that I want to refresh never do.
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    What update are you running? I believe some of this may have been fixed with the last update (At least that issue with SSL has been resolved).
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    Blazer does flake out on really large pages even after the ROM updater. You cn try Web Pro from palmOne or Eudora (freebie) or Xiino as alternates. There is also a text only browser floating around that I cannot recall the name of.

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