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    Anyone know anything more about this? Anyone used it? Know how to buy/subscribe?
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    I sent a mail to them asking them about details for the subscriber service and they asked me the location I was in, which is UK. but no-one has replied to me since?!!

    Seems like they want to announce, but not want to send u any further news....
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    I called a spoke with them yesterday to try to get it. They have an enterprise edition and a personal edition. It sounds very promising for our corporate treo/groupwise use but I was told that it's not available for trial until July 30, so there's a little bit of a vapor-ware factor with this product, but I'm waiting anxiously for it.
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    So far, i'm VERY impressed with the product. The installation is very simple(download the .prc and run it from the Treo to configure your account) the push works very well, unless you happen to have 50,000 messages in your account like me - i had to drastically reduce it to about 1,000 for it to pick them up.

    I was surprised at the low amount of battery usage. It turns of the wireless and turns it back on when it does the sync.

    Actually, my Treo 600 battery lasts longer than my blackberry 7510 (more than likely due to the radio in the nextel units)!

    anybody else demoed this?
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    They give you a 15 day free trial and then charge 15 a month.
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    Does the client provide "push, IMAP email" on the Treo 650?

    According to the user manual, you must hit a "check mail" button.

    That means it does not offer "push" notification, and is no differenct than Snappermail.


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    it's neat how sprint is ostensibly missing from their list of wireless partners...

    good times...

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