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    Ok - finally after 3 broken treo 300s over the past 2 years, Sprint has finally relented and moving me up from the 300 to the 600.

    I've only briefly read thru some of the 1st pages of this forum, and did a search, but could come up with no details on how difficult it is going to be for me to move all my data from the 300 to the 600. How difficult is this and is there anything i need to do as a pre-emptive measure? I am very concerned about losing data and my software.

    Thanks for any info and I look forward to being part of the community
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    I also moved from a 300 to a 600. The difference is huge. The 600 is great. Unfortunately not all the software I had worked. I had to rebuy some things, as well as replace the case. The car cord and home charger were the same. So far the only thing the 300 had that was better was 1 part of Blazer (only 1). When you type a site to goto, the 300's Blazer had buttons to add www & .com, the 600's doesn't. Other than that, I never looked back. The price of the replacement software was well worth the additional functionality and speed.
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    so the headset , the usb connector and the car adapter for the 300 works for the 600 as well? I'm really happy to hear that.
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    The headset won't work. Sorry, I forgot about that.
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    I thought I remember an insert in the box of my Treo 600 specifically warning against using the 300 car charger on the 600...
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    I had the same insert. It said that only certain chargers were compatible with both. I believe I found the same part number.

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