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    Hi, fellow Treo 600 fanatics!

    I've read through many of the other threads on cases and holsters but haven't yet found anything that would point me to just the right case to suit my Treo 600. My specific needs, ordered from greatest importance to least, are:

    1) protects the treo from damage
    a) Case/holster must protect treo from structural damage, namely from getting damaged when dropped or bumped into furniture. (Face-out holsters are particularly bad at protecting the screen.)
    b) Belt clip must be extra sturdy, hook onto the belt tenaciously and offer horizontal arrangement so I can wear the treo while driving
    c) Case/holster must not damage the treo or its finish.

    2) speakerphone/ringer is not obstructed
    a) Case/holster has cutout for speaker.
    b) The way in which the case/holster works doesn't obstruct/dampen the ringer; perhaps a face-in/back-out arrangement?

    (I have missed one too many important phone calls already, losing $200 today because I didn't hear the ringer while the treo was huddled in its case.)

    3) no plastic (or, at least, removable plastic) over keys and screen

    (Such plastic often traps dirt and grit which scuff and scratch the underlying surfaces over time.)

    So far, the ProClip holster appears to be the closest fit to all of these requirements, BUT, it doesn't really offer protection against dropping or bumps against things (such as the fairly-sharp corners of office filing cabinets or computer system racks, which are rampant around here). Also, I am very wary of the possibility that the treo 600 might pop out of the ProClip holster if the bottom tab were inadvertently struck or caught on something.

    Can anybody offer any assistance in my search for a better case than the horizontal PalmOne case I'm using now--the one that made me miss a call that cost me $200 (far more than the cost of most cases)?

    Thank you all for any help you can provide!
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    I believe the one that fits your requirements the closest is the Innopocket Metal Deluxe Case.
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    Thanks, Alex! I had seen it but didn't know that it has a belt clip. This case is now definitely back in the running. Can anyone relate their experiences with this or any other case that will protect my Treo AND allow me to hear its ringer while it's on my belt? Thanks in advance!
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    Almost 2 years and . . . BUMP! (Same question, for 700p)

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