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    I was wondering what the best place to get Severe Weather Alerts delivered to your Treo was?

    Also...What is the best place for radar images that people have found? Any good places for animated maps?

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    Try this one. Type in your home location and try it out.
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    Here is a radar map that displays pretty good on the Treo
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    Check the web pages of your local TV stations. In Huntsville for example, one station has a service called 'Weather Warn' and another has 'e-warn', both of which you can setup to send an email or a text message when there is a tornado warning, etc. Both services are free. You can specify what types of warnings you want to receive (tornado, severe thunderstorm, Amber alerts, etc.) You also specify the counties you want. They appear to be nationally-based services that local stations subscribe to.

    I can't say how well they work, because I just signed up yesterday evening after we had a batch of tornado warnings and severe weather yesterday. I signed up for both. Hopefully at least one will get a message through when the weather gets bad.
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    Thanks for the replies. Actually I tried WAFF's weather warn and also WHNT's eWarn and both had issues. WeatherWarn actually replied to a support email I sent and they admitted to problems with Sprint and some other providers and did not know how to rectify it.

    However I think I may have solved my question (in another duplicate thread in the Treo Utils. forum). Weather Underground ( has a service that is $5 per year and has awesome maps -- I can actually get animated map URLs and look at them on my treo, and they also have email/pager alerts that hopefully will work better.

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    Go to weather
    and enter your email address, or cell number@tmo or vtext etc .com and they will automatically send alerts is great for local instant radar satelite and forecasts just enter zip code

    All free
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    I use for weather alerts. I also like for weather alerts and also for alerts like a change in the terror threat level.
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    I am also very interested in obtaining weather radar on my Treo 600. Yes, I have read a few of the other posts on this subject and tried almost all of the suggested links. Unfortunately, all of the options provide either too much additional useless information, advertisements, or poor image quality. Is there a site that has lean radar data just for wireless devices like smartphones? Hey, I am even willing to pay for the service if it is of decent quality!

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