Here's my problem:

I use lightwav. I set it to play a specific mp3 when contact X calls. When contact X calles I hear the default tone, because X is also in my favorites menu, and the name of the fav. button is different than the name of the contact.

I can use lightwav to set pictures the same way, but somehow I don't see them....

Does anybody know if this is just me?

The only option I can think of, is to use no favorites(except for apps), but that costs me a lot of time to punch in the first 4 characters of the person I want to call. I have over 6000 contacts in my Treo, so I need to do a lot of scrolling when I want to call, say, my girlfriend.

I searched the boards for about two hours, lookinf for an app that would do the same as the favorites menu, but that doesn't interfere with Lwav. Any suggestions?