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    I tried to send a picture from my Treo to a friend, and it says that it's too big to be received. Seems kind of silly that you can't send a photo to another treo device. Does anyone have any insight.
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    Did you try to beam the pic? why not just send it trough e-mail? whats a pic from the camera?
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    I tried to send it to my friends phone number, I know I can email it, but when it's sent to another treo(even if I send it to myself) it says that you have to log onto the at&t website to view it. Seems kind of strange since most picture phones can send to other picture phones
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    That sounds like a telco issue, not a Treo issue. I can send pics to other treos through MMS with no problems at all. I suspect your telco is either limiting the size of the pics, or hasn't activated your mms properly. You should check with them.

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