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    I'm having trouble syncing my treo with Notes. Is there a way to set the dirty bit for all records in a Palm DB (address book specifically)?

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    Program called Synchall, you install it and it sets the backup bit for everything on your palm to yes. This means your hotsynchs will take longer, but I think this might be the solution to your problem.

    You can find it here:
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    I have been using Synchall since the Treo 300 days and even though it is probably not necessary (I use BackupBuddy), it's an extra layer of protection in the scheme of backups. Ben
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    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $if$ $you$ $use$ $backup$ $buddy$, $synchall$ $isn$'$t$ $required$. $But$ $to$ $hotsynch$ $to$ $a$ $PC$ $and$ $get$ $all$ $your$ $information$ $there$, $synchall$ $is$ $required$. $Backup$ $buddy$ $takes$ $everything$ $as$ $is$, $even$ $the$ $start$ $up$ $and$ $shut$ $down$ $screens$.
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    Folks, thanks for the replies but I'm trying to sync data not back it up. An application reading the records of a DB will only sync the records that changed. The "dirty" flag is different than the "backup" flag right? Dirty is on a per record basis. Backup is on a DB basis.

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