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    softick ppp works great ..
    the only problem i find it so far is to use it on a different pc..

    ok heres the scenario:

    im able to use softick ppp at my home / office. one day i had to go outstation to some country.. i dont have roaming on my cellphone provider there fore i cant access GPRS connection.

    I have a fren who lives there and has a DSL conneciton on his pc. I have my sync/charge cable with me.

    How can i plug in the sync cable to his pc. Use Card Export to copy Softick PPP.exe into his pc and run it. Then connect from there ..

    So far the problem i see is that theres no PALM USB Driver on my fren's pc. So i had to install Palm Desktop on his PC.. which would really bother him .. installing some piece of software that he doesnt even use ..

    so is there any specific files i should copy that allws softick ppp to be working on a pc without palm desktop ..? coz i can copy the files into the SD and use Card Export to copy them in my fren's pc.

    So far i only know Softick PPP uses Usbport.dll .. but i tried copy that file still doesnt work .. what other files needed ? or is here any Palm USB Driver for pc without the Palm Desktop software ?

    thanks guys for reading ...
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    please someone help me with this

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