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    Ultrasoft Money still does NOT support 5 way nav on Treo 600! This is a $39.99 program for the Palm that has made no effort to support the newest Palm devices. This really ticks me off. I would not expect support from a program that costs less than $10 bucks, but for one that costs $40, it implies a certain level of commitment to the product.

    If you are an Ultrasoft Money user, or think this is unfair, and the update is long overdue (Treo 600 has been out for nearly 9 months now!), please use the link below and let them know how you feel! If enough of us respond, they may finally add the functionality.
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    I agree. I have used this app for 2 years. They haven't even responded to my emails. I'll try again though
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    I also want better keyboard support. When entering a $ amount, it should automatically be in option mode for numeric input.

    There is also an existing post under the "Money Wish List" section
    on this topic called "Treo 600 support". No reply from Ultrasoft.

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