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    I just bought mine in March and I was looking for retractable headset with 2 in 1 capability..which seido has released now....

    but...looking at it ..I still feel its not optimum design... I would have much prefered if the cords retracted behind the control unit (the one that has the volume control etc) instead of a seperate one ... The goal is to completely remove tangling of cords...looking at the picture it still looks like there is a lot of cord left to tangle....
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    Yeah, I kind of agree with this but it's still better than a non-retractable unit for certain things. Before I saw the picture I was hoping that the retractable casing actually was gonna be the control unit as well.

    I guess it was easier for them to splice it where they did with no major modifications.
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    I too wondered how/if they'd be able to retract the earbud wires. My guess is that's pretty difficult. You'd almost have to have two retractor things, or as manielse says, integrate the retracting into the control unit. But then - that thing would be even bigger than it is now...

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