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    I want to take photos (using my Treo 600) of various outfits from my wardrobe and insert them into a database with notes on what pieces complete said outfit. Handyshopper doesn't allow photos. What software can I use for this purpose?
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    You might take a gander at HanDBase 3. It does not support the Treo 600 5-way keys. Support from the company is outstanding. Ben
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    never would have thought of that use...
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    I would also like to be able to use the treo 600 camera for taking pictures of my inventory before moving with notes for serial #'s and the like. Or even for taking pictures for insurance claims with notes for descriptions.

    Then save all the data on a SD card and just keep the card someplace safe. Beats using pen and paper and camera film for something that doesn't need long term storage.
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    Well, take a look at HanDBase. I use it every day throughout the day and find it indispensable. I have written several applets and placed them on the DDH Gallery. One to look at is Hikes the Trip - it handles picture taking and details of a hike, et cetera. It just might give you some ideas. In addition, it is an easy program that allows setting up quick apps to capture serial numbers and the like. The inventory applet I wrote was very handy when it came to reporting the theft of a LOT of power tools. Ben

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