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    Anyone have any suggestions on which card (Manufacterer) is the best or what size is the best to start out with? Many Thanks!
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    I have a regular Lexar 256 MB. So far it's been good.
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    When I bought my 256Mb card, I did a lot of research to find which ones had the best performance. I went with the Panasonic, and I haven't been disappointed, although it was among the more expensive.
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    I got a SanDisk Ultra II today. Very fast. Here's the three cards I've tested:

    Lexar 128MB
    File Create: 76%
    File Delete: 119%
    File Write: 29%
    File Read: 166%
    File Seek: 380%
    DB Export: 16%
    DB Import: 405%
    Record Access: 323%
    Resource Access: 312%
    VFSMark: 202

    Sandisk 512MB
    File Create: 105%
    File Delete: 98%
    File Write: 103%
    File Read: 167%
    File Seek: 393%
    DB Export: 84%
    DB Import: 403%
    Record Access: 314%
    Resource Access: 317%
    VFSMark: 220

    SanDisk 512MB Ultra II
    File Create: 494%
    File Delete: 346%
    File Write: 184%
    File Read: 170%
    File Seek: 421%
    DB Export: 212%
    DB Import: 423%
    Record Access: 341%
    Resource Access: 331%
    VFSMark: 324
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    If you plan on using a dictation or voice memo program then only get the Ultra II card. I had the Lexar 32x and according to the Audiacity card speed program it was too slow for best sound quality.

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    i have got a lexar 256MB never let me down great little thing
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