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    Any other Colauncher users out there who are unable to restore colauncher and its settings (c=camera, e=email, h=hotsync, etc...) after a full system restore from card. Colauncher works great as a 2-button launcher for the 15-20 apps I want that capability for, but on the few occasions where I've had to restore from an SD card backup to RAM, the program (and/or its settings) seems to be corrupted. In order to get Colauncher back, I need to do a delete, reinstall, and manual re-set of the settings.)

    I am using Botzam Backup for nightly backups (and restores as needed).

    If any of you are NOT experiencing this same problem with another backup software program (Backupman, Backupbuddy), please let me know.

    I have contacted the company (mapletopsoftware) and they don't seem to have an answer for me.
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    I have had the exact same problem. I think I was able to restore the settings by restoring the Colauncher file(s?) individually from the backup set.
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    Thanks wcarlson40. Unfortunately, that didn't work for me. Using Botzambackup, I've noticed that only 2 of the 3 RAM files actually get backed up to the card and at first I thought that was the problem. However, based on your suggestion, I've come up with an approach that seems to work for me.

    1. I have to make an archive SD card copy of my "good" CoLaunher Data.pdb file (Use FileZ or Zlauncher file manager to copy file from RAM, this is not part of the regular scheduled backup set). I just put it into a personal backup directory on the card.

    2. I can restore the palm using the full (or partial or individual files) backup set. Essentially you restore the CoLauncher App and the CoLauncher Data.pdb files. Don't run coluancher after the restore before completing the rest of these instructions or CoLauncher will hang.

    3. Delete the CoLauncher Data.pdb in RAM (this file seems to be corrupted as part of the backup or restore process--I am using compression and encryption--not sure if this is the problem)

    4. Copy the archived CoLuancher data.pdb file from SD to RAM using Zlauncher file manager.

    Run Colauncher and settings are correct (based on the last time you manually backed up the CoLauncher data file to your SD card) I don't change my CoLaunch hotkeys that often so this isn't too much of an issue. It is certainly better than re-defining the hotkeys as I've been forced to do several times now after hard resets and restore from card.
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    Also-- even if I did step 1-3 and thed did a manual 'restore' of the data file from Botzam backup, CoLauncher doesn't work. I have to do it as I described using a copy of the correct file from my SD card and not from the backup set??

    Not sure why this is.
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    I use Co-Launder and did not experience the same problem. However, I did find that with some programs, it does not recognize them properly and when a key is reassigned, it launches a totally different program. After two reinstalls, I gave up and did a hard reset and a restore from the SD card. It refused to properly launch HanDBase and instead insisted upon launching another program. A great program but from my experience with the company, support is not the best. Ben

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