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    Does any one know if it is possible to connect directly to a local Ethernet network, trough an USB/ethernet adapter? I would like to connect to internet not spending $$$ in some places where ethernet points are available.

    I couldnīt setup a connection as on Treo Prefs > Network > Details > Advanced, I can only set IP and DNS, but not Gateway and net mask.

    There are third part software to connect to internet, but I only find programs that need a computer to be connected together.

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    As far as I know, its not possible. That is the reason so many people are dissapointed by the lack of blue tooth and/or true SDIO slot functionality.

    Good luck, if you find a way I am sure people on here will Soooooooooooo happy.
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    You could use PPP over an Infrared connection to a Desktop PC. Mocha W32 PPP allows this:
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