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    I downloaded the Mark n Dial software to my Treo600. I really need my Treo to dail numbers outside of the standard phone book that the Treo uses.

    As directed, I had to install X-Master first to make the Mark n Dial work. But when I installed X-Master to make Mark n Dial work, I got an error message that says X-Master would not work with Palm OS5.

    Strange, but it seems X-Master works only with older versions of Palm OS... usually software seems to work the other way around (works on newer versions not older).

    Anyway, any ideas on getting a Dialer package that will allow me to highlight a number in my Treo600 and have it dial the number?

    Thanks for your help!
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    Try TakePhone- it does lots and even includes a utility for mark/dial. Ben
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    i think take phones your best bet as well but i dont really like it
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    TakePhone. It's a must-have for the Treo.

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