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    Feature Request:An 8 hour refresh would be lovely. I leave my phone in my bedroom at night. PowerHero turns it off but 4Cast turns the screen on to do it's refresh, sees the radio is off and shuts down.

    I know I can leave the phone face down but I thought I'd ask.
    While I think your question is more related to 4cast, and not 2day, I've thought the same thing many times, including very recently, but to have a start time & end time (or check the weather every X between the times of & Y & Z), rather than your suggestion of every 8 hours.

    I also use Power Hero for my phone/radio, and will sometimes see 4cast checking for the weather but is unable, and every once in awhile it is during the middle of the night (even with my phone face down). For me, it is not a question of the "bright screen" but the power usage.

    So, even though my solution has been to turn my phone face down, I wish it wouldn't check in the first place (to save power).

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    Apt can help in two ways here. I won't get into how, but it can:

    -Dim the screen during night hours to whatever brightness you like.
    -Run and update 4cast (or any other app) on any schedule you choose. That way less apps are setting timers in the OS.
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    Oops. That was a 4cast feature request. Sorry.

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