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    Biz con vs BB (no server): BB wins in that you are able to access any subfolder that is attached to your INBOX. you can see INBOX subfolders via BizCon but ONLY via the internet (browser) on sprint, and even then the browser/screen don't allow for full viewing of the email headers.

    BizCon vs GoodLink vs BB : NO COMPARISON, as one said, run, don't walk to your IT dept (if that is an available option). GoodLink does a fantastic job, it is virtually real-time, and works like a charm with Outlook apps. it's also a lot less $.

    blackberry vs treo 600 (straight out of box): i liked the functionality of the blackberry, it was much easier to work with while on the run (thumbwheel), the treo was a bit more cumbersome. if mail is all you want, then the blackberry is the way to go.

    blackberry vs treo 600 (with GoodLink): Treo 600 hands down. The email (and corresponding apps) are just as good and easy to use, if not better (more robust). at this point, all of the added benefits of the Treo 600 blow the blackberry away (screen size, internet/browser capability, applications/games and the like).

    i love my T6, but i will say that the black/blueberry's are very very easy to use while on the go. i guess it all depends on what you want, need, and are able to afford (corp IT dept included)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Minsc
    Snappermail doesn't do you much good for corporate email unless you have IMAP access to your mail server. I would guess that most people don't.
    That would surprise me. I have had corporate jobs for 10 years or better, and I think IMAP became the standard for corporate email around 1999 or 2000. I have used IMAP in my last 6 jobs. And I don't seem to recall anyone I know in tech implementing IMAP in the last 2 years, but everyone I know in a sizable company is using IMAP. I would say if it is not implemented in a corporate environment, the IT folks are ignorant or lazy.

    [ix0ye steps off his soapbox.]

    How are you going to do shared calendaring with POP? You might as well use carrier pigeons ( And don't laugh, it actually was tried. remember RFC 1149 ( )).

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    Info here and release article here.
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    Sprint Business Connection actually is a "push" email solution for the Treo. It also provides support for Exchange, Domino, IMAP and pop email accounts (up to 3!) and syncs in the background.
    I use the Personal Edition product and find it very useful for corporate contacts as well (something I waasn't able to get access to with GoodLink).
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    My company actually embraced the Treo 600 for our business. And we're a very large company with an anal IT department as well. We're using Intellisync Mobile and it offers push a'la BB and very good security options. Our org is so security anal we actually have to use secure remote token.
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    Quote Originally Posted by palmuser99
    With Verizon's recent announcement that it will carry the Treo, I am trying to make my case that I should be allowed to move back to the Palm platform.!
    I agree with much of the comments made here about the value of the Treo 600 over BB. No one provided Verizon specific information yet.

    VZW Wireless Sync is a redirector much like what was described in the several posts on Sprint Business Connection with Exchange/Domino/IMAP/POP3 support except that Wireless Sync includes calendar sync along with the rest -- contacts, memos, todos, and email. You can accept/decline calendar entries and open native MS Office attachments. It also allows you to have trips and other special appointments defined which pulls weather, directions, and other data from the web and adds to your Treo.

    There is no extra cost for the service and no need to involve IT.

    I have my redirector set up with an old, but secure, workstation so it enables me to be mobile with my laptop and Treo 600. I could have a server put in a secured location to be shared by number of users but I'd rather not. Wireless Sync is working very, very well for me. I'd estimate 90% availability these days which is an improvement since it initially was released. I don't see a need to pay for BB or another product since that service level is sufficient for my needs.
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    Goodlink is far more secure, is uses AES.
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