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    After installing/deleting dozens of apps I am starting to wonder if I am encountering significant garbage files left over after deleting apps. It reminds me of the Windows registry and dll files but the impact is greater on a 24MB device.

    Is there garbage collection app that identifies orphaned .pdb and other files after the main ap was deleted?

    I know you can look at creator IDs and manually try to find stuff that is left behind but it's hard tp track everything down. I usually look at the biggest files first but I bet I could recover some main memory if I could track down all the worthless files.

    What strategies have others followed to combat this problem? I have thought that I could do a full reset of the Treo and reinstall only the apps I use. That would be a PIA and only be a temprorary measure unless I never (de)install anything again.
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    you can have a look at cleanup (finds orphaned files/settings), uninstall manager or clean uninstall (the last two monitor the usage and delete everything on uninstall) on palmgear.

    they work quite well, but be careful, because some system files might be picked up by cleanup as orphaned, so be sure to backup the things that you delete with them.
    Did you use Profeo today ?

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