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    I've had a Treo 600 since October. My first Treo was Hardware revision B and after less then a month had the ear phone jack, loose nut problem. Sprint replaced it with a brand new Treo Hardware Revision C. Had that until yesterday. About 2 weeks ago it started getting the network connecting, can't answer calls problems. There are very few Sprint stores near White Plains, NY where I recently relocated, but finally found one in Yonkers. After waiting on a short line for over an hour, I finally got to the 'technician" who went in back to check the Treo. He came back and said he would order me a new Treo which should arrive in 3 days or so. I asked him if he tested it using the hp test (TreoCentral was sure a big help with that) and he said "no, I just tried to make a call and it didn't go through, so I'm ordering you a new one." Well, 5 days later and another long wait, I get a refurbished Treo. It's hardware revision B, a much older serial number than the one I returned, but it does work. I haven't complained yet, because the next mistake was mine. I had downloaded the trial version of backupbuddy and apparently didn't install it correctly on the SD card. When trying a restore to the new Treo it said I didn't have a backup. Oh well, I have to wait until I return home this weekend to hotsync the new TReo and run it through its paces.

    Now here is the question. At my new location I installed a VOIP phone (Lingo) instead of a regular land line. I figured with that and my Treo I didn't need a land line. One neat feature is that it sends voice messages as a wave file to your email as an attachment. The wav files play great on my desktop and notebook, but I have to figure out a way to play them on my Treo. I think the new sound recording program will do it, but it looks for wav files on the SD card in a particular directory. The wav attachment is a snappermail attachment which I can't figure out how to save in that directory. Anyone have any thoughts?
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    SoundRec (free) plays .wav files

    You can use FileZ (free) to move files from wherever Snapper puts them into the PALM/Programs/SoundRec directory, if indeed you can't detach it directly to that directory from Snapper.

    I just gave Snapper a shot - when you click "save to card" after you click on an attachment you can use that menu to browse your way around the card and put it where you want it - so you can skip the FileZ step. But get FileZ anyway - it's a cant-live-without-it free program.

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