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    I am using my Treo 600 with a Mac and am syncing via iSync which uses the Palm Conduit from Hotsync Manager.

    Here is my question/problem. On Mac in the Address Book program it lets you create different groups out of your master list (ex: friends, work, family).

    When I hotsync to the Treo it only brings over ALL the addresses and not any of the sub-groups. Is there a way to bring those sub-groups over to the Treo??

    Do I need to create the sub groups in Palm Desktop??

    Also when I sync it takes all my calendar infor from iCal and syncs that to the Palm but doesn't take that info over to the calendar in Palm Desktop.

    I am guessing that they have designed this in a way that you don't really need to use Palm Desktop at all anymore (just the Hotsync Manager).

    This would all be dandy, is I could get the Address Book groups over.

    Thanks - Erik
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    Unfortunately iSync doesn't carry the groups over to any device whether it's a Palm or cellphone. I have no idea why they did this but it's a pain. Your only options are to skip the groups; or add then in on the Treo; or disable the iSync conduit, enable the addressbook conduit, sync with Palm Desktop, set the groups in Palm Desktop and resync again.
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