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    just got mine today- i thought that while listening to tunes (via pocket-tunes) i would be able to switch to an imcoming call and then go back to p-tunes. but it cuts me completely out of p-tunes altogether. is this correct?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eddieras
    just got mine today- i thought that while listening to tunes (via pocket-tunes) i would be able to switch to an imcoming call and then go back to p-tunes. but it cuts me completely out of p-tunes altogether. is this correct?
    Hi Eddieras,

    When there is an incoming call, the P-tunes should be Pause automatically. After the call and switch back to P-Tunes, you should able to resume the song. The song will not be played back automatically after the call. All these software switching are controlled by the MP3 Software.

    Seidio's 2-in-1 headset is designed to put 2 circuits together on one handsfree unit. So that you don't need to bring 2 headphones with you on the road.


    Seidio, inc.
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    thanks for the info - when the call comes in it knocks me out of p-tunes all together when i answer-- i can go back to p-tunes and start up again, but the call brings me to the dial pad screen. but you say this is an issue with p-tunes, correct?
    anyone have any ideas to bring me back to p-tunes after the call?
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    in p-tunes deluxe there is an option for a "hotkey" - you press a certain button and it pops up a menu on the screen to continue playing - i don't have the headphones yet - i'm ordering them today - but if you go to Menu -> Background Preferences -> Bring up console with button <> define button - and check this box, when you are in another application and you press the "defined button" it will pop up a menu on the screen to pause/unpause, next track, previous, or Open pocket tunes. Make sure you select a button and then check the box. I have mine set to the calendar key. One press (while pocket tunes is in the background) brings up the menu, 2nd press brings up calendar. For example, at end of call, press calendar key (in my case), press play/pause button, and switch button on seidio back to music. Hope this helps.
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    sledgie- thanks-- i have the hotkey set up - but it doesn't work when a call interupts the music. the hotkey will work, for instance if i'm listening and checking out my calender etc at the same time.. but it doesn't work (bring me back to the console) when interupted by a call.
    any ideas?
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    Hi Seidio,
    I got the backphone first and am now switching to the over-the-ear version. I love the idea. But I have to say, at least for the two I tried, the bass quality is bad. I'm keeping it only because I love the idea so much, and rarely turn it all the way up on the low end. But you guys really need to make a better quality ear piece.

    BTW, I've noticed a few improvements in the newer, over-the-ear model. The cable fully retracts on the retractable segment, and max volume is definitely higher. So you guys have been paying attention, and I appreciate that.

    But the logo is still flimsy as ever.
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    continuum : i'm not from Seidio but i want to answer you : i think sound quality of backphones is very good, even bass, it's really better than other headsets from seidio. if you want you can try the adaptor so you would be able to connect your own headset and audio quality will depend on you
    i think/hope they will increase audio quality in the next update ...
    the improvements you are talking about are not only for the over-the-ear, they were introduced with the update of all Seidio headsets (about half-month ago) (as you can see in my reviews which you can read from my website

    i don't understand why so much people criticize Seidio for the new logo, i like it so much, it's so much better than the soccer ball and i didn't have any problem with it and i still use Seidio's backphones and adaptor every day ...
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    Nice to know that the backphones are still standing, in good condition I hope.
    My first payday is approaching so I'll probably would invest on one of those.

    Thanks for your reviews, please update your reviews if something bad develops, hope it doesn't. Thanks in advance for the (possible) updates
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    alex_mayorga :
    i didn't notice anything more yet
    but if Seidio would plan an update, i would like them to pay attention at my second "cons" which was : "the "back" has a "hole" to make the wire go through but this hole is on the down side and the plastic can scratche a little bit the ears" (the top of the ear) < i said it wasn't a problem but maybe after many hours (more than 3) using it and moving the head a lot, it could become a problem
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    Thanks fortin!

    How long have you had the backphones? I look forward to order ones maybe in 2 weeks from now. Does it turn the Treo into a "decent" MP3 player?

    Thank you for being so responsive, also I would like to know if you have any other Seido products that are worthy? I only want to pay one shiping. Or maybe other headset that does the same?

    Thank you so much in advance.
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    alex_mayorga : i have backphones since august,16 = nearly a month. i use them with pocket tunes to listen music (ogg mp3 wma wav ... mainly ogg for me) and it work very well. however a Sd or mmc card of 32 Mb is not enough (=about 30 minutes of music = 8 songs), i bought a 512 Mb and it's about 9h of music ! so my Treo became a very "decent" mp3 player.

    for now i only tried audio products from Seidio and i think another worthy product is the retractable adaptor if you want something more "serious".
    i've also tried the Hostler but i don't use it everday because i don't like wearing phone on belt, i prefer to put it in a pocket but this is not because of the hostler ...

    I hope i'll get one Seidio's car kit soon, the review will be available on my website ( as soon as i'll release it (maybe in one or two weeks)
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    can anyone comment on the sound quality of the [retractable] ear buds for listening to music ?

    I did see this bit from fortin (thx): The sounds is correct, good but not very good : there is a little bit not enough bass.

    Looking for more opinions.
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    Seidio is giving 5 of these beauties away over at You-Know-Where.
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    lol Mol, are you advertising for You-Know-What ?
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    To wrxm33 from Sedeio,

    I have gone through numerous earbud phonesets, including retractable ones, and what I would really like is to find a nice, leather, zippable pouch that is intended to hold the phoneset when it is not in use.

    Bonus if a) it is small, b) stylish, c) has a very small belt loop.

    I'd probably pay up to $30 for such a thing ($15 is what I am thinking would be a no brainer price.)
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    Oh! The idea is that I can stuff it in my pocket and not have to worry about tangling the wires, or I can wear it on my belt.
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    Hi Jerryasher

    We will look into it. Thank you very much for the feedback

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    the contest at You-Know-Where is over
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    My 2in1 no longer maintains a connection with my Handspring Sprint T600. I've had this since Sept 3 ship date and I'm very disappointed. I compared the plug tips for the 2in1, the OEM Handspring headset, and the Handspring headphone adapter and the Seidio is slimmer and the tip is less bulbous (for lack of a better adjective)

    I've requested an exchange if they've fixed this problem, otherwise a refund.

    Find attached image of plug tips for reference: top left is the 2in1, top right is the OEM headset, and bottom right is the headphone adapter.
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I just exchanged the old soccer ball version for the new one and the new one actually doesn't work at all. I'm having a similar problem to puyi, it doesn't keep it's connection to the treo, so it goes in and out of playing through the headphones and through the treo speaker. This is my second faulty pair, and I have requested a refund because I'm sick of dealing with this. I do not recommend this seidio headset, it is a great idea, but there are way too many problems
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