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    Help me understand why you would buy a program that does essentially what Yahoo maps and Mapquest can do ten times faster and easier. Is it only useful with the GPS add on? The L.A. file is so huge...maybe its just useless for L.A?

    I don't get it.
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    Well, for me it's nice to have the maps with me wherever I am...I only use dial-up internet on my phone and it's a pain and very slow to log on and get maps from an online site. Mapopolis is very quick and always available.

    But yeah, I'm going to LA in a couple months and dl'd the LA file...10M! I'll have to move more programs to my SD card to be able to view it.

    But the normal maps for the areas I'm in are like 2M or so. So they're reasonable.
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    It's the biggest single map Mapopolis has, but it's available in quadrants as well as a single map.

    If anybody purchases the LA map (or Chicago-Cook Co. or Maricopa-Phoenix map) and wants to trade for the quadrant maps at no extra charge, please write to and request it within thirty days of purchase.

    People who have Platinum or better accounts at Mapopolis already have access to the quadrant maps if they have the NC Western European maps or the ND North American maps. These would have been purchased since Nov. 1, 2003 for the European NC maps and Feb. 20, 2004 for the ND US/Canada maps.
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    That's what I noticed....15 megs....which means you can't use Mapopolis 1.35 because NOBODY with a Treo has 15 Megs free on the thing. You have to run it off the SD card which slows it down with a 15 Meg file its slow as it is.

    Maybe someone can tell me why you would want this (again without the GPS module).
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    I use it with gps and run it off my sd card with no problems. I am using ver 2.01 so it runs off the card *almost* as quickly as in ram.

    All in all, I am very, very happy with the iTrek gps and Mapopolis.

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