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    There have been several posts about how tough the Treo 600 is. I have the silver one and I regret to say that mine went totally dead after a 2-foot drop onto a tile floor. It landed almost totally flat on the keyboard/screen side and went black, never to recover. I was absolutely shocked! It must have hit just right, because so many others have reported larger drops on even harder surfaces. Just a note -- let's be careful out there.
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    You were just unlucky - I have dropped mine on a stone pier from about 4 feet without any ill effects. I had a small mark in the plastics.
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    lol for some reson picturing a 2 foot drop, then the treo being dead sounds funny to me.

    That was very unluck, just be carful with the next one.

    I droped mine in my car and it hit the screen. Then i had a big mark on my screen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by treolife
    after a 2-foot drop onto a tile floor.... because so many others have reported larger drops on even harder surfaces.
    What's harder then a tile floor??? Diamonds??

    Be careful...these things are expensive
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    same thing happened to mine, even though i stuck my foot out and it landed on my soft sneaker. just bad luck.
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    i had my handsfree in my treo and i walked away from my desk with it in my ear. it landed on carpet, from about 3.5 feet. BROKEN
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    I believe in paying the extortion fee of $4 per month for "equipment replacement" even though I survived two > 3-4 ft drops to concrete floors. And no, I wasn't trying to check out how good the insurance may work.
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    Wow I really feel lucky now. I dropped my treo from about a 3-4 foot distance right on to concrete and it bounced a couple times but other than some unnoticable scratches and dents I didnt see or notice anything mess up on the phone or software. I also dropped it on a tile floor from about 2 foot as well but it landed right on the antenna and I was surfing the web at the time and it got in this weird hybrid wide/optimized view. When I pressed menu it showed Optimized view and Wide view twice :::Weird:::

    Hopefully you can get it replaced for free and learn a lesson. Its a very scary moment seeing your treo falling on a hard surface in slow motion. You just freeze and cant react. Scary moment indeed
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    Dropped twice. Once from cubicle with the headset attached, dragged it away from the table down 2 feet on the carpet floor. So far so good.

    Just this morning, I just woke up and was about to check my messages, when I opened the holster, mouth toward the concrete floor, and there just like that it slipped, rushing to the concrete, and bounced twice I think with screen face down. I was in suspense for a moment, I was fully awakened. I was already telling myself how stupid can you get!

    Then, I picked it up, no scratches, nothing, fully functioning and I went to the breakfast table as if nothing happened. Really close call.
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    I grabbed mine off a granite counter top today, it slipped through my fingers and started towards the floor... I swooped my hand down and caught it with about a foot to spare. My mother looked at me with wide eyes, I caught my breath and started laughing. She asked, "Did you mean to do that?"
    "No way," I replied, amazed that I caught it.

    I was just talking with co-workers about how I pay $4 a month because I know I'll drop it one of these days. Today just wasn't the day. phew.
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    I dropped mine so many times I wonder if it wants a more competant owner. It may be time for egrips.
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    I dropped my Treo 600 a few times (once on concrete from about 4 feet), and after a few weeks it started showing signs of wear (and/or decay). The Treo 600 now resets itself often (without being prompted to) and disconnects from wireless service without touching the unit, or when the unit is set down on a table or in a car mount.

    Time to test AT&T's customer service and exchange program. The unit is a couple months old. I love Palm units in general ( as this is my 4th unit after a Palm Pilot 1000, Palm Vx, Palm m525, and now the handspring Treo600). While we are on the "cutting edge" of the PDA/smartphone convergence, AT&T GSM service with the Treo 600 in the SF Bay area leaves much to be desired, (less distortion, audio mutes, dropped calls, dynamic GSM signal fluctuation while not moving, etc.).

    I hope that a replacement phone will help a number of the forementioned problems. Time to buy a durable neoprene case or an aluminum case for the Treo 600(similar to my Palm m525, which has survived many falls and other mishaps in my backpack).

    Any suggestions on a good Treo 600 case?

    Any experience with AT&T wireless customer service on Treo600 repairs or replacement issues?

    Thanks in advance,


    ngeneus1 at yahoo dot com
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    Dropped mine from not very far - the lads and I were throwing each other into a stack of cardboard boxes after a heavy drinking session at our usual watering hole.

    Treo fell off my belt-clip. It wasn't dead but the big crack in the screen was a showstopper

    Replaced it, had a new screen put in the other one and now I have two.

    Why have one when you can have two for twice the price!
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    dropped mine so many times I don't even flinch anymore. once I dropped it (conditions were such that It was like I threw it) on concrete and the fall jammed my mute button and the led (green) light no longer flashed.

    after a few days decided to open it up and see if plastic was jamming it. I pulled it apart apart then pushed it back, works like new now. mine has scratches and gashes all over it. screens perfect though, I just want it to last until the new treo comes out.
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    it isn't the fall that kills it, but the landing.
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