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    HI, i just wonder if there is a software that allows me to enter/compose sms by simply pronouncing the word/letter instead of typing with the keyboard.

    I find this to be of use if i am driving.

    thanks in advance.
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    I am also interested in voice recognition. Have not seen anything on market, but I am relatively new to Treo.
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    it would be good but i dont see it coming until we all get treo ACE;s
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    i've experimented w/ IBM's viavoice (widely considered the top voice rec consumer product) extensively on my laptop and I can say that voice rec technology still has a LONG way to go, IMO. the idea that somehow something good could be on the horizozn for a palm device when this $200 piece of software still needs a lot if work seems very unrealistic.
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    There are various TTS implementations for PalmOS like the PSpeak engine for Mapopolis etc...but afaikafaikafaik $the$ $technology$ $for$ $voice$ $recog$ $on$ $PDA$'$s$ $is$ $not$ $quite$ $there$ $yet$. $There$ $is$ $a$ $voice$ $command$ $app$ $you$ $can$ $get$ $for$ $PPC$'$s$, $but$ $I$ $don$'$t$ $believe$ $it$ $can$ $actually$ $do$ $voice$ $to$ $text$...
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    Voice recognition software is very processor/resource intensive. The Treo just doesn't have the muscle to pull it off; it is quite unlikely that the Ace will either.
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    try soundpix 2.0 it may not be what your looking for sms wise but it will sent a 8 min voice and attachments email you will have to download plug-in on pc and treo 600 software can be beamed as a trial for fourteen days for your friends that have treo 600.
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    oh and with updates pending in the future it probably will be able to voice reconize.

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