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    Yep... another one.

    This time I tried without a speaker grill. Looks great

    I know the photo looks somewhat 'grainy' but that's a Treo 600 for you... and yep, all of those Loch Ness monster photos were also taken with a 600
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    Nice looking, have you been able to fool the magnetic switch under keyboard into thinking the lid is still there ?
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    Technically, it is possible...

    If the lid isn't there, why fool the switch? Sorry, but I think I'm missing the jist of your post.

    ...I see... Just saw your previous post.
    Surely, if the Treo is off, ringing would be as normal. If the Treo is on, then I guess ringing would be softer... I don't know as I have not noticed this on my lidless 270 (I can't test a 300 in Europe).
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    nzmoko it looks fantastic as usual

    After your desings I've done a 270NL by myself.

    I think it will surprise you, I'll post it later today

    BTW: I've sent some mails to you but always got an error. Did you change your e-mail address?
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    Hi migueld2001,

    I did have some trouble with my email but it should be working ok. Failing that, you can always PM me and I can give you another email address.

    Yeah, post your Treo mod. Love to see it

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