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    i got my first replacement of treo600 ( previous one had an unrecoverable speaker problem and went dead ).

    everything went smooth.i could connect to my wireless network which is cingular(though the network search window that usually comes after the ascending tone,didn't show up).then i went for backingup my data through hotsync operation and it went smooth too but ended up notifying to do a soft reset.i ok'd the reset and it lost wireless connection.

    then the reat headache every time i tried to make the wireless mode on -- soft reset starts automatically and again ends up with wireless off mode.

    am i missing anything here? is there anyone who can remember had this kind of problem ?

    thanx to anyone for having patience and any comment,suggestion or simply advice would be highly appreciated.
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    if you hard reset the device (erase all data), does the phone reset when you turn on wireless?
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    so far -- treo600 software upgrade -- which i got with my newly replaced phone seems to be responsible for the -- auto soft reset -- i mentioned earlier.
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    Read the old thread update, update, update on this board. It talks all about the issues you need to clean up when you are on the new ROM upgrade software. When you get a repair, the unit will have the new ROM because it is available for all wireless carriers now.

    Here is a good place to start on palmOne's support site:
    Click here
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    I had a similar problem with my very first Treo. I brought it into the store and they replaced it on the spot.
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    The ppl thing is an on going problem with Sprint here in Hawaii. I have been on Sprint for the last two weeks with constant on/off the Vision service. Ben

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