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    Been with Verizon a long time, patiently waiting for them to get the Treo. Now that they have it, should I get it or wait for the ACE (600 replacement)? A big question is, will the Verizon 600 be any better? Did Palmone have time to modify the phone to satisfy Verizon's requirements?

    I would greatly appreciate any thoughts that you have on this.

    Bill H.
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    Will it be any better than the CDMA version on the Sprint network? Personally, I don't believe so. I know the general perception out there is that Verizon vigorously tests their handsets (far more than others) before allowing it on the network. Well, they allowed the I700 whereas Sprint did not. I'm not saying the I700 isn't a good phone, I'm just saying others test as well.

    Is Verizon's thorough testing enough? I know of many 7135 users who would beg to differ. I'm not knocking Verizon, just saying I don't believe their standards are really much higher than other providers out there.
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    well, it is silver like the main GSM model (Orange has a black GSM model, but everyone else gets silver) but it has the raised earpiece like Sprint
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    I sure hope it also comes in the smokey color like Sprint's. When ya think about it, why couldn't we have choices in style/color?

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