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    I am a newer Treo 600 user and am looking to get a case for my Treo. I often work in hospitals, so the vibe mode of a phone is priceless. From the reviews that I have looked at, I like the Innopocket case. Any feedback from current Innopocket case users regarding the vibe mode - can you feel it, or does the neoprene dampen it out? Are there any cases that work well with vibe mode?
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    if you mean the metal case, the answer from my experience would have to be no. I've had numerous situations where the phone's been on vibrate in the case and I've missed calls/sms etc
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    I had the innopocket hard case until I lost my phone, and it is hard to feel the vibrations. I loved the case! It protected my phone from EVERYTHING!
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    I guess it depends if you use the clip or put the case+phone in your pocket. I don't trust the clip and thus don't use it. When the phone+case is in my pocket I can feel the vibrate, but it's bulky and I only do that with my baggy cargo shorts I usually only use the case for sports.

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