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    Before I jump from Sprint, I have some questions about the Treo 600 from Verizon.

    1) How does the SIM card work? Does Verizon give me a SIM card to use when on their network?

    2) How can I use this phone when traveling overseas? Can you readily purchase interchangeable SIM cards and just pop them in? Do they have a preset number of minutes? If not, how is service billed?

    3) Would I have the same number when traveling abroad?

    4) With all the talk of portability, can I take my Spring number with me?

    Thanks in advance! - Chris

    PS - First time poster, long time listener :-)
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    The verizon treo does not have a sim card, it is cdma just like the sprint model.
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    as woof said, verizon is cdma so it shouldn't have a sim card.

    you need to go to dsm to get a sim card.

    with portability you should be able to take you number no matter what carrier you go.

    theoretically, with gsm, you should be able to use the phone in most of the world but would be expensive. it would be best to buy a sim locally to get the the best bang for your buck.
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